TARDIS Themed Prom
As a huge Doctor Who fan, my daughter skillfully crafted her Tardis Themed Prom dress. The decoration she put on the side is Alonzy written in circular Gallifreyan, and the crystals she put on the skirt represent the many stars in the Universe. Her shoes (the comfy ones she changed into at the dance) even had a Universal Theme!
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Writer's Block: Practically amazing
If you could have a power that helps you with day-to-day living, like the ability to always get a seat on the bus, what would choose, and why?

If I could have a power that helped me  with day-to-day living, I would choose to see what is on people's hearts. In the world we live in, people can decieve so easily. I believe I am a pretty good judge of character, however I have been burned too many times by people who are really REALLY good at deception. I tend to try to find the good in others, the "human" in humanity, however there are some folks out there that consistantly amaze me with thier cruel deceptions.

If I had that power, I believe I would not only have less drama in my life, but be able to help others by warning them of imposters. I would use my power to help not hurt the people of the world. Maybe I am a dreamer, but I hope that a power like this could change the current state of the world.

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This year we were blessed with a White Christmas. Not too many of them here where we live despite the fact that it is always cold. This year we managed to get about 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff before Christmas came. So during their time off of school, my children spend most of thier time indoors with the latest book or video game that Santa brought. But during a period of somewhat tepid weather, before the rain came in, they went out to play in the snow. Here's what they made!

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Some of you may recognize parts of this Dalek......recycled from the Halloween costume a couple years ago. You never know when you may need Dalek parts and what you may need them for! lol

My lovely children so very proud of their Dalek


I guess my son got EXTERMINATED!


So many snow Daleks, but OURS lights up! 

I apologize for the blurriness....had to turn the flash off, to get the effect....and it is cold outside so my hands were shaking!   What a sight to behold...as you pull onto our street, there it is to greet you!

Writer's Block: Redo
If there was something you could change about your past, what would it be?

As much as I would love to go back and remove the pain I endured in a variety of areas in my life, I don't think I would. I have learned that I am who I am now because of that pain, and because of how I chose to overcome it. Without those times in my life, I wouldn't be me. It is because of those times  that I am strong and able to face problems head on.

Writer's Block: One Thing I Did
What is one thing in life your friends said you could/would never do, but you did it anyway?

Come out of my shell. As a young child thru college I was shy and wanted to be invisible. Now, watch out world! I am outgoing, a leader and a take hold of the reins type of person. So glad I am not shy any longer. Life is what you make of it, and hiding in the shadows is no life for me!

Writer's Block: My Journey
If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

I would start in the outback of Austrailia. Trek around there for a while, then jet off to New Zealand, Thailand, and then to Europe visiting Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK. Hit Greece for a month or so, then off to Canada and spend the remainder of time exploring the US.

A little something from the creativity vault

Here is something I have been working on. It is just the beginning, so it is a work in progress. Hope you enjoy. Constructive criticism is always welcome (be gentle, I bruise easily! lol)

Cruising the Universe with Doctor J


“NO!” He screamed storming out of the room. I sat there in the doctor’s office, silent tears rolling down my face. Forty-two and childless with no hope of conceiving, I never imagined my life this way. Things had been tense between us recently, and they were going to get worse unless I did something. The suns were setting as we made our way home. While we walked in silence, I decided to make some brownies to try to cheer him up. Upon our arrival, Max headed upstairs and I commenced the baking. Watching the monitor I waited for the brownies to finish. I turned on the travel channel and decided to investigate the options further. One trip caught my attention. It was a two-month cruise to unexplored areas on a scientific ship. I clicked the book-it button and that was it. Now how to get Max excited about the trip. There wasn’t much time to do it, the ship left in the morning. I took a plate of brownies up to him and placed them on the nightstand. His eyes remained fixed on the ceiling in an unblinking stare.          

“I brought you some brownies. Aren’t you going to have any?” I questioned.

He rolled his eyes and sat up. He grabbed a brownie and shoved it into his mouth.

            “Thanks” He said as he chewed. “You’re the best Gabby” He whimpered. “I’m sorry I can’t produce offspring…”

“I married you because I love you.” I interrupted. “We can adopt!”  He looked lovingly at me.

“I know, but... I’m just genetic engineering gone haywire!” He complained. I took him in my arms, and stroked his violet locks.

“I don’t care. I love you, and all your genetic flaws!”  Before I knew it, I was blurting out the news. “I’ve booked us on an adventure to the unknown!”  His jaw dropped.

“You did what?” I watched the color drain from his face.

“I’ve booked us on a cruise. We leave in the morning.” Walking out of the room, I thought I heard him mumble something about having a bad feeling. “It's an adventure for crying out loud” I whispered to myself. “What could possibly go wrong?”


The departure from Sanity, into the unknown:


In the pale shades of dawn, we loaded our gear, and climbed into the transport. The automated seat belts engaged and we were off. I looked over at Max. He was already asleep. The only other passenger was glowing and very sexy. My heart began to race. Throughout most of the flight, the sexy stranger was quietly reading, making only an occasional snicker to himself. I thought about introducing myself, but didn’t want to get into trouble I couldn’t get out of.  I watched as the planetary features of Sanity grew smaller until they disappeared below the thick orange clouds. “This will be an adventure to remember forever” I thought. I could see the docks in the distance. It was one of the major universal ports in the galaxy. I took out my antique analog voice recorder to make some notes to enter into my journal later. I looked up to see the stranger staring at me.

“I’m sorry” he said in a velvety tone. “But I couldn’t help but notice that you are using an ancient recording device.”

“It belonged to my great-grandmother” I replied. He put his hand out for me to pass it to him which I did cautiously.

“I can’t believe it! I didn’t think people still used these!” He looked at me and smiled. “Name’s Doctor J, how about yours?”

My face was suddenly warm. “I’m Gabrielle, and sir snores-a-lot is my husband Max.”

            Max opened his eyes. “Did I hear you say you were a doctor?” Max grumbled.

“Yes, I am” said Doctor J.  “Doctor of… em,… uh,… at Sanity University. How about you Max? What do you do?”

Max closed his eyes, and folded his arms across his chest. “I don’t like doctors” Max hissed.

Doctor J shrugged his shoulders, handed the recorder back to me, smiled and resumed his reading. I looked out the window again. We were docking at the station. We grabbed our Gravity Stabilizing Boots, and placed our AC breathers, in our mouths. I looked around for Doctor J. He was gone. Max and I gathered up our bags, and headed for dock 1101B to board our cruise ship.

After we found our room, I went over to the computer, and pulled up the list of passengers.

“What are you looking at that for?” Max asked. “We are on this tin can with a bunch of scientists. It’s not like you are going to know any of them.”  Ignoring him, I kept searching, trying not to be too conspicuous. I felt a blush of panic come over me.  I really wanted to see if Doctor J was aboard. He awakened feelings in me that had not been present in a long time. I knew it was dangerous, but it felt good.  I did not find one life form named Doctor J. Disappointed yet relieved, I started to unpack and settle in. Max laid on the bed, and flipped on the monitor. He scanned the channels for something to watch. When he came to an intergalactic sports channel, I knew I had lost him. I opened the curtains of our portal and enjoyed the view of Sanity. The orange clouds swirled gently over the deep purple sea. It was truly a beautiful sight.

As the ship began to pull away from the dock I decided to go exploring. “I’m going for a walk” I told Max. “I’ll be back later.”  The AR-15 Andromeda, the biggest in the scientific fleet, was built for quick travel, and comfort. I decided to go to the observation deck. Effortlessly slipping through space, I watched as planetary systems drifted by. After a few moments, the door to the observation deck opened. It was dark in the room, so I couldn’t tell who it was. The silhouetted figure sat opposite me at the far end of the room. As we passed by the Obsequious System, the figure went to the window, snapped a photo, and then made a hasty exit. I was once again alone, and felt my eyelids getting heavy.

I awoke later to a loud groan. As I tried to stand up, there was an explosion, and the ship lunged forward. I looked out into the vast emptiness of space, and saw that we were cart-wheeling end over end. I headed back to Max, to see if he was ok. I found Max inside our cabin still lying on the bed, eyes fixed to some game. “Can’t you see we’re in danger?” I screamed as I shut off the monitor.

“Hey! What did you do that for?” he shouted. A larger explosion rocked the ship, and Max went flying off the bed.  “What the?” Max screamed as he rushed over to the portal, and peered through the pane. “Gabby! We are falling through space!”  Max grabbed my hand and we ran into the hallway. Suddenly, from out of the darkness, something grabbed us, and we flew backwards landing in a closet.

I tried to scream, but nothing came out. Perhaps I left my voice in the hallway. It was dark, but I could still see Max’s face. I followed his gaze to find two amber eyes glowing above us. We simultaneously heard a familiar voice in our heads.

“Shhh. Don’t make a sound. We will be ok, if we remain quiet and calm.” It was the voice of Doctor J.  “It can hear your voices, but cannot read your thoughts.”

My mind raced. “Doctor J, what can’t read our thoughts? What’s going to happen?” my voice sounded loud in my head. I could hear Max as well.

“This is just great! I won’t get to see the end of the game now! I wonder if this Doctor has any chips?”

A ghastly stench permeated our senses. “Max control yourself!” I thought.

“Ok you two, enough. That smell is coming from the creature that has attacked the ship.”

 “It smells like bad cheese!” Max added.  

“I’m afraid it has already gotten to the crew and passengers. It smells like it has eaten

 recently.” Doctor J’s eyes were glowing softer now. “It won’t find us here and once it is convinced there is no more food it will leave the ship.”  

I felt a warm tentacle-like appendage rest on my shoulder. Max felt one too.

“Watch it! That’s my wife you’ve got your suckers on!” I told Max to settle down. Doctor J had just saved our lives. What’s a tentacle among friends? After some time, Doctor J told us he thought the coast was clear. We no longer smelled the beast.

“You wait here; I’m going to check things out.” Doctor J liquefied, and slid under the door. We could hear him gurgling down the hallway. I tried to communicate with Max, but he couldn’t hear me. Just as well. I was having some fantasy thoughts about Doctor J and really didn’t want him to know. A few moments later we heard Doctor J again. “You can come out now” Doctor J said. “It’s gone.”

We slowly emerged from the closet. Doctor J was back in the form in which we first met him.  

“How did you do that thing with the telepathy?” I asked.

“I’m a Zanian” Was all he said.            

We set off to explore the ship. It was completely void of life. “Looks like its just us three” Doctor J said with a wink.

 “I’m frightened” I said fighting back tears. “I don’t like the way this has gone so far. I want to go home.” Max put his arms around me.

“Things will be ok Gabby” Max tried to console me.

No one mentioned we might be eaten by Evil Cheese!

            We followed close behind Doctor J as he made his way down the hall. We slowly crept down to the engine room. There was one lone droid there making repairs. Doctor J found the security tape and we watched the gruesome events. The Evil Cheese had indeed eaten the entire crew and passengers. It also damaged the navigation systems, stabilizers, and engines. “We’re drifting some light years into the Zelnoid Frontier. Its up to us now to explore what’s out there” Doctor J snickered. “Let’s hope we don’t encounter another Evil Cheese.” Doctor J worked on the ship’s systems and sent Max and I to bed. I couldn’t sleep. I kept processing all that happened, and the sound of Doctor J’s voice. It was soothing and comforting. I loved Max very much, but I really enjoyed Doctor J’s attention. It made me feel pretty.

When I woke up Max was gone. I got out of bed and went to the portal. I could see that Doctor J had gotten us stabilized. The door to our cabin flew open. There stood Max, with a large breakfast laid out before him. I thanked Max for his kindness and gobbled my food.




            We all met in the observation deck to plan our next move. Doctor J suggested a strategy. I still just wanted to go home. We looked out at the vast spread before us, and arbitrarily picked a planet.

“That’s our first stop!” Doctor J said as he programmed the ship to remain at its current coordinates. We boarded one of the exploration pods, and buckled in.

“Do you know how to fly this thing?” Max asked. Doctor J kept fiddling with the buttons.

“No. But I’m sure it can’t be that hard!” Suddenly, the thrusters fired. “Hang on!” he yelled and we flew out of the launch bay. It was a bit rough at first, and my stomach felt like it was left behind. Doctor J laughed and squealed like a child while we wildly flew through space toward the planet we named Pandemonium. We were about ready to land and the life detector went off. “There is life on this planet after all” Doctor J said. “Max, do you think you can land this thing?” Max looked at him in horror.


Doctor J smiled. “Well Max, I flew it! You can land it.” He got up and went into the back of the pod. Max grabbed the controls. I just closed my eyes. After a couple bumps and flips, the ship came to rest. Doctor J came into the cockpit carrying exploration suits for each of us.

 “Do we have any weapons?” Max asked.  

“I looked, and all I could find was this” Dr J held out a small device. Max took it.

 “I don’t think….”

Doctor J slapped Max on the back. “Good. Max, you’re in charge of that.”      

“I don’t know about this Doctor!” Max exclaimed.

 “Where’s your sense of adventure Max?” Dr J laughed. He pushed past Max and jumped out of the hatch to the ground below.

            Max and I followed cautiously. A dying star bathed everything in a soft blue light.

             “I think we should go in this direction” Doctor J said pointing off into the distance. I followed and Max brought up the rear.            Coffee scented Tiger trees lined the footpath. We came to a clearing in the thick vegetation where a wrecked ship stood. Doctor J bounded off to investigate, while Max and I stayed behind cowering in the cover.

Doctor J ran back shouting “I think this can get us home.”

 “What do you mean you think? That bucket of trash couldn’t get off the ground in a zarpec!” Max snapped. Sensing my anxiety, Doctor J looked into my eyes.  

“Gabby, will you gather up those tangerine flowers with the crimson leaves?” Entranced by his charm I left to gather flowers not knowing what they were for. I suddenly felt aberrant. I turned around slowly to see five eyes, just five eyes. I screamed, but the eyes consumed my voice. In the distance I heard beeping growing louder. I started running toward Max, eyes following. Max appeared to be fading. Horrified I tried again to scream.

“Max! Help!”

“Give me your hand” Doctor J whispered in my ear.

I looked at Max. “Come here!” Max called to me.

Doctor J whispered “Only I can save you.”

            The five eyes were suddenly in front of me. The beeping sound was intense. I could feel myself begin to float away. In a desperate attempt to save myself I reached out for…

            Thud! I hit the ground. I shook my head and sat up, jolted back to reality. I reached and turned off my alarm. I saw that Max was still asleep in bed. It was all a dream. I let out a sigh of relief, and got up to make breakfast. Later I would tell Max that after 20 childless years together, I at 40 years of age was pregnant - a long awaited surprise. I quietly went downstairs to the kitchen, and poured a cup of coffee. The maker had been set the night before to coincide with my alarm. I heard a soft knock at the front door. Tightening the belt on my robe, I went to answer it.  It was the courier with the birthday gift I ordered for Max months ago. Today was his Forty-fifth birthday. I saved for years to be able to afford it. A three week cruise on the most luxurious ship ever built. Sitting down with my coffee I gazed at the tickets. As I put them back into the envelope, I noticed a small piece of paper inside. I took it out and couldn’t believe what I read: -


Doctor J


Cyberman spotted at Pinewood Derby 2009!


Ok, so Pinewood Derby has come and gone. As with last year, my son's car has a Dr. Who theme. This year he didn't place well enough to go to District level, but 4th is nothing to sneeze at! He did the majority of the car all by himself  (except for the cutting which we were more concerned with him loosing a finger than cutting the car, so Dad did that part).  I helped him draw the image, and he transferred it to his car, then went over it with a black sharpie so that it stood out against the background. It is still the classic “wedge” shape, but the paint is metallic so it really gives the illusion that it is metal.


I thought I would share it with you all!

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Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008
Hello. Thought I might share some pics from Halloween with everyone. As you know, my son was officially Dalek Sec for Halloween. His costume (the one that took months and months to make) would not fit in the classrooms at school (they parade in and out of all the classrooms before going outside to parade around the school) so he decided to be 7 while in school.

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Update on Dalek Costume
Ok, Here we are, and it is now almost September.....well we haven't had much time to work on this in over a month (and folks teased me for starting in July! Peshaw!)

We have finally had some time to actually work on the costume, so here are some pictures of the next step. We need to install the screening on the head, and paint the rest. Then we are going to install the eye stalk, plunger and ray gun. But still lots to do and September is just around the corner! The pictures don't really do it justice. For those of you who know me (and you know who you are!) you can avoid the spoilers under the cut and come see it in person!

Pictures under the cut!

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